Gaza / Middle East: Germany’s Relief Coalition Starting an Appeal for Donations for the Civilian Population


Ceasefire allows an increase of humanitarian aid

“We hope that the temporary ceasefire will turn into a lasting one, so the humanitarian aid reaches the large number of affected people in need”, claims Manuela Roßbach, general manager from Germany’s Relief Coalition. “In the past four weeks our member organizations provided help under very difficult conditions.”

At least 1.8 million people in the Gaza Strip and in Israel are affected by the military conflict, according to the United Nations. Before the current ceasefire came into effect, the access to the affected people was extremely difficult, because of the ongoing fighting. Aid could be provided for only a few hours per day. In general, organizations that have been working in the region prior to the military conflict are able to provide aid. For other organizations the assignment turns out to be a major challenge.

The member organisations of Germany’s Relief Coalition are prepared to supply emergency aid in this humanitarian crisis: Islamic Relief Germany provides 12 hospitals in Gaza with urgently needed drugs and medical devices. Furthermore, they distribute food, drinking water, clothing and other aid supplies. action medeor has already started the delivery of aid supplies such as infusions, medical suture material, bandages, painkillers and antibiotics. CARE Deutschland-Luxemburg provides medical help in the region and World Vision Germany distributes food and hygiene-kits alongside local partner organizations.

The Central Welfare Office of the Jews in Germany, member of Germany’s Relief Coalition since the 8th of July of this year, has initiated psychosocial assistance for traumatized children in the cross-border region of South Israel. The member organizations of the German association “Paritätischer Gesamtverband” also provide aid in the region. HelpAge has been helping elderly people in the Gaza Strip who are particularly vulnerable because of their physical limitations. This week, the Hammer Forum is sending a small medical team with medical devices, among others to the Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza. The Friends of Waldorf Education assist their partner organization with the establishment of child protection centers in Gaza and the care of traumatized children. Staff members of Handicap International focus primarily on disabled people with their aid measures. They are planning to employ mobile rehabilitation teams for psychosocial support and are engaged in the clearance of mines. Terra Tech supplies the population in Gaza with essential drugs, medical consumables and laboratory and orthopedic equipment. 

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