Thank you very much for making our help possible with your donation! All over the world, we help people in need after major disasters. And our disaster preparedness prevents suffering even before it happens. Thank you for your donation!

Horst Köhler

"With your donation you give people in need hope and a new perspective. Thank you very much!"

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Donation account DE62 3702 0500 0000 1020 30

Middle East Appeal

The Israel-Gaza conflict flared up again in October 2023. Our member organizations are expanding emergency aid as soon as the security situation allows it. Help the people today - with your donation!


Aid for Libya

Heavy rains have caused a disaster in Libya. Rivers burst their banks and flooded large parts of the country. Thousands of people are missing. The government expects thousands of dead. Help with your donation!


Earthquake Turkey and Syria

A major earthquake has hit Turkey and Syria. Over a thousand people are dead. Germany's Relief Coalition is providing emergency aid to the people - with emergency shelters, food, drinking water. Your donation helps to save lives!


Emergency aid worldwide

With your donation, we can help people in need together - always exactly where help is needed most urgently. After major disasters, we distribute food, drinking water and medicines & set up emergency shelters. Worldwide.


Corona emergency aid worldwide

The coronavirus affects every one of us. The poorest countries are most severely hit by the virus. Right now is the time to be there for each other. Germany’s Relief Coalition provides emergency Corona aid worldwide. Please help today - with your donation!



Heavy explosions have rocked Lebanon's capital Beirut. It is a disaster for the country, already being severely hit by economic crises and the Corona pandemic. Our alliance is providing emergency aid to the people. Help now - with your donation.


Hunger Yemen

In Yemen, more than 20 million children, women and men are dependent on humanitarian aid. Our alliance is helping with emergency food, drinking water and medicines, for example against cholera. Your donation saves lives.


Refugees Syria

A cruel war has been raging in Syria since March 2011. We are on site, assisting to build emergency hospitals or repair wells. And we are helping people in Syria and neighboring countries: with blankets, emergency shelters, food and clothing.


Refugees worldwide

Millions of people worldwide are fleeing war, hunger, violence and persecution. More than half of the displaced are children. Our alliance does not abandon people but, thanks to your donation, helps with food, blankets, emergency shelters and clothing.


Famine in Africa

In Africa & Yemen, more than 40 million people are starving. With your donation, we can help them - with energy-rich emergency food for malnourished children, food packages, drinking water, medicines and mobile health stations.


Mediterranean Sea Rescue

For a life free of violence, hunger and poverty, people accept life-threatening escape routes across the Mediterranean. Civilian sea rescue helps these people. Our alliance supports the sea rescue.


Flood Germany

Flooding in western Germany has hit the Eifel region massively. The district of Ahrweiler is devastated. Several people are dead, many are missing. Germany’s Relief Coalition provides emergency aid. Please help today - with your donation!


Earthquake Haiti

A magnitude 7.2 earthquake struck Haiti. The authorities issued a tsunami warning. Our alliance is providing emergency aid to the people. Help now - with your donation.


War in Ukraine

Ukraine was attacked by Russia. Many alliance organisations of Germany's Relief Coaltion are on the ground to alleviate the suffering of the people. We are helping with food, drinking water and medical aid. Please help now with your donation!

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Donation account: DE62 3702 0500 0000 1020 30

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