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Immediately at the founding of Aktion Deutschland Hilft in 2001 it was especially important for all member organisations to deal with the donations entrusted to them in a transparent way.

Laid down in the statutes is which of the association organs were to control the activities of the committee and the management: moreover, it is primarily the task of the general meeting to relieve the committee following its report and acceptance of the annual accounts. The meeting takes place once annually.

* See statutes (German)

Secondly, the voluntary speaker of the general meeting supports the committee throughout the year.

And thirdly, the voluntary speaker of the committee controls the management of Germany's Relief Coalition.

The committee and the management of Aktion Deutschland Hilft work within the sphere of an annual budget, which is passed in resolution the previous year by the general meeting. Should administrative costs arise during the course of the year that exceeds the planned sum by more than 30,000 euro, the management must consult the committee/board. According to the extent of the suggested measures, the board decides the form in which the member organisations will be included.

A part of the costs for the Bonn campaign office - personnel, office reTransparenzpreis für Aktion Deutschland Hilftnt, technical equipment, telecommunication, personnel- and finance administration and auditing - is born by the member organisations. The remaining sum is covered by other sources of income, such as interest yields within a legally regulated sphere. Nine persons are currently fully employed at the campaign office; there are also three student helpers and regular trainees.

There are clear internal procedural rules for procedure for the allocation of contracts: three offers must be acquired from a contract volume of 500 euro. The allocation of deliveries and services takes place according to the four-eye principle.

To ensure the highest possible quality in the realisation of the projects, one percent of the donations received is given to the execution of independent project evaluations. Five percent is given to mutual coordination and public relations.

Since the founding in 2001, an independent financial control association has assessed the annual accounts and since 2006 the due form of management. All controls were carried out without objection.

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