Global Emercency Relief

1,900 aid projects in 100 countries.


Joint, Fast & Coordinated

Over 20 aid organisations build a strong alliance.


Efficient & Transparent

Certified transparency (TÜV, DZI-Seal, German Donation Council)



Emergency Aid worldwide: People need your help now!

Several earthquakes have hit Turkey and Syria. Famine reigns in many parts of Africa. And the war in Ukraine continues. Our alliance stands by people in crisis areas around the world. Help today with your donation!

Coordinated - Fast - Efficient
This is how Germany's Relief Coaltion takes action during a disaster
  • Immediately after the disaster:
  • After a devastating natural disaster has occurred, alliance & partner organisations working on the ground start emergency aid and save lives.
  • From Day 1:
  • Germany's Relief Coalition addresses the public with a joint appeal for donations. The alliance sends medical teams and urgently needed relief supplies to the disaster area.
  • Day 2 to 7:
  • The emergency aid provided by the alliance organisations also reaches people in remote areas. The distribution of essential relief items such as food, drinking water and medicines is running at full speed.
  • After 30 days:
  • The alliance creates humane conditions: with the reconstruction of clinics, schools and the creation of shelters for traumatised children.
  • Sustainable help for self-help:
  • Germany's Relief Coalition continues to support people. The relief projects are sustainable so that families have a better future. In addition, disaster prevention measures help those families to protect themselves from future disasters.

Why should you make a donation to Germany's Relief Coalition today?

Because there is nothing more valuable than life. Your donation helps us to save lives and reduce suffering.

This we promise, because:


Over 20 Relief Organisations build a strong alliance

This is demonstrated by 1,900 projects in 100 countries.

We work together efficiently

Thanks to the coordinated emergency aid provided by experts from 22 aid organisations, our help is fast and efficient.

We look ahead

We also help people long after the disaster has occured. Additionally, our disaster preparedness measures prevent suffering before it happens.

provide vaccinations
for 2 children
feed 20 children
for five days
help 3 children with
psychological care

Or help with any amount you like!

You can also donate via bank transfer:

Recipient: Germany's Relief Coalition

IBAN: DE62 3702 0500 0000 1020 30


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Transparency and Control


As a donor you can be sure: Your help will be appreciated! Germany's Relief Coalition handles entrusted donations responsibly and transparently. This is confirmed by independent auditors year after year. The alliance bears the DZI Seal-of-Approval by the German Central Institute of Social Issues as well as the certificate of the German Donation Council. Both institutions confirm the transparent and particularly economical use of donations. Germany's Relief Coalition is the first and only aid organisation whose website was certified by the German Technical Supervisory Association (TÜV).


Verwaltungkosten Aktion Deutschland Hilft

Patron and Chairwoman of the Board of Trustees

Horst Köhler

Even a small donation helps.

Horst Köhler, Patron and former Head of State of Germany


Aid that reaches people in need

Annalena Baerbock, Foreign Minister & Chairwoman of the Board of Trustees


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