Disaster Risk Reduction: Preparedness is the best protection

Natural catastrophes occur ever more frequently, leaving behind devastating damage and costing many people’s lives. Therefore, it is important that people living in regions at risk of catastrophes such as, earthquakes, hurricanes, or tsunamis, are well prepared. Here is where disaster risk reduction programmes of the aid organizations of Aktion Deutschland Hilft step in.



Humanitarian Aid: Help faster together

When people are affected by natural disasters, violent conflicts, or epidemics, the aid organizations of Aktion Deutschland Hilft provide humanitarian aid. The primary goal is to save lives and provide relief to those most in need. We provide emergency relief regardless of nationality, race, religion, and political beliefs.



Aktion Deutschland Hilft

We provide aid in major catastrophes. Jointly, fast and coordinated.

  • 23 German aid organizations - one alliance
  • 1.900 humanitarian programmes in 100 countries
  • certified by the German Donation Society
  • donation seal of approval from the DZI (Central German Institute for Social Concerns)
  • partner of Germany's public broadcasting corporation ARD

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