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Starting in 1986 TERRA TECH took the first steps in offering humanitarian aid with the provision of a new ex-ray device for a hospital in Zimbabwe and portable dental equipment for a Columbian doctor. In those days engaged citizens from central Hessen (Wetzlar and Marburg) joined together to alleviate need by promoting worldwide aid projects with medical technology.

More than 20 years later we have realised – through professionalism given by broad support – a large number of successful projects in Africa, South America, in the Near East and Far East, in Asia and in eastern Europe, thus increasingly expanding our spectrum of tasks. We currently provide the following in the fields or immediate relief and development aid.

  • Basic care (with foodstuffs and medical care)
  • Setting up and reconstruction aid (of schools, hospitals and accommodation, with provision in the areas of drinking water, sewage and electricity)
  • Training and further education (in the medical- and social professions)
  • Aid for the handicapped (with the delivery of orthopaedic aid and consultation by qualified staff)

Even if the type of aid has changed in the course of time, our aims have remained the same: we wish to help people to help others in poverty and need and to give help for self-help. The latter means helping people to bring about a long-term improvement to their lives through their own efforts, without making them dependent on external aid. We are supported here by our members and donors, as well as endowments, the government (working team for humanitarian aid in the Foreign Office, the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development) and friendly partner organisations. With their help we have carried out more than 200 projects in 45 countries to date.

Our work is based above all on the reliability and engagement of experienced people on the spot who are aware of the language, culture and the political conditions of the country in question. Our local partners (non-governmental organisations, self-help groups, communities, hospitals, etc.) enjoy high regard in their own countries. Their personality and expertise are the basis of our cooperation. Thus our project partners bear an essential part of the responsibility in the execution of projects that include those in need.

We send personnel abroad only to coordinate and evaluate projects in the respective countries. In this way we have been able to carry out a large number of successful projects that have opened new perspectives for people in need.

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