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Handicap International – Germany

Handicap International was founded in 1982 by two French doctors whom with the provision of artificial limbs and rehabilitation gave a long-term perspective to people injured in the war in Cambodia.

Worldwide Project Work

Handicap International has been active in 60 countries since 2007 and due to needs observed on the spot has extended its activities: the projects are no longer limited to physical treatment in orthopaedic workshops and rehabilitation centres, but integrate the entire life situation in the aid given to those affected. This includes psychological support and help in social integration, but also organisational support in self-help projects. The priority of the project work in general is cooperation with local partner organisations and the training of local workers who are often themselves handicapped. In this way the projects gain autonomy to enable the people to exist in the long-term without external help.

In many post-war regions it is necessary to prevent accidents through landmines and other explosive remains of wars through the enlightenment of the inhabitants and forming clearance teams. International political engagement for a ban of all mines and such mine-like munitions as cluster bombs is also a part of prevention. In 1992 Handicap International, together with five other organisations, founded the International Campaign for a Ban on Landmines, which received the 1997 Nobel Peace Prize. Moreover, the organisation is a founder member of the International Campaign for the Ban of Cluster Bombs (Cluster Munitions Coalition). Handicap International maintains leading positions in both campaigns to this day.

In Germany

Handicap International maintains offices in several European countries: in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Great Britain, Canada, the USA and Germany. The German section has worked since 1998 with an office in Munich and volunteer activists in other places. The focus is above all lobbying and fostering public awareness to the theme of handicap in development cooperation and the campaigns against mines and cluster bombs.

The sections also attend to the acquisition of donations and institutional fund raising with the head office in France. Our ComeIn project is integrated in the Munich office and offers practical support to migrants, especially handicapped refugees.

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