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arche noVa – Initiative for people in need

In 1992 a convoy of trucks, loaded with relief supplies, set out to Iraqi Kurdistan from Dresden. The journey is an initiative of a group of friends, driven by the urgent wish to help, the sense of justice, and the respect for human beings.

This motivation to help was the driving force that led to the foundation of arche noVa shortly after. Today we are a registered, internationally working non-governmental and non-profit organisation. Two principles of our work are consistent throughout the years: The conviction that our help can only be efficient if we involve the affected people in the process of problem solving, and the awareness that there is nothing more important than clean drinking water. We are committed to assist people who suffer from humanitarian crises – regardless of their religion, ethnic origin, or colour of skin. Our activity is grounded in humanism, solidarity, human rights, and the vision of a more equitable world.

Untersuchung eines KindesCapacity building and empowerment is the guiding principle in all our engagement. Therefore, we work jointly with the local population in both realms of our work – emergency relief and development aid. arche noVa facilitates basic requirements for the improvement of living conditions and health, mainly focusing on the implementation of stable water supply systems and sanitation. Depending on the project, educational measures focus on the maintenance and operation of new facilities, hygiene promotion, or disaster prevention. In this way we want to help people to take control of their own destiny, and to enable them to live a dignified life.

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