Relief OrganisationsArbeiterwohlfahrt International

In crisis situations, Arbeiterwohlfahrt International (AWO International) provides relief for people affected by disaster and supports reconstruction measures.

Founded in 1998, AWO International cooperates with local organizations in Asia and Latin America. It relies on the expertise of the Arbeiterwohlfahrt with its 90-year history, numerous social facilities and political advocacy - one of the most important welfare organizations in Germany.

AWO International  bundles and networks the diverse international activities of many Arbeiterwohlfahrt structures and is an important development-policy initiator and contact partner for about 400,000 Arbeiterwohlfahrt members.

AWO International produces and Humanitarian aid in cases of disaster is a further important focus. Immediate relief is only given where professional partner organisations of many years standing can ensure that relief is reliably provided.

Examples of immediate humanitarian relief!

* Hurricanes in Cuba in 2008
* Earthquake in Peru in 2007
* Flood in Mexico in 2007
* Flood in North India in 2007

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