Hurricane MatthewDonate now: Hurricane Matthew hits Haiti

The full force of Hurricane Matthew has hit Cuba and Haiti, and the aid organizations in our association are on the ground to help the populations that have been affected. Haiti has been particularly badly hit: this Caribbean state is still suffering from the effects of a severe earthquake in 2010, and the United Nations estimates that the number of people requiring direct help has risen to 750,000.

The organizations of our alliance are providing aid on the ground

  • action medeor has brought several tons of medical supplies to the region.
  • ADRA is distributing aid supplies in the areas in the worst affected areas.
  • The ASB is providing families with food and supplies in a school that has been converted into an emergency shelter.
  • CARE distributes clean water and food on Haiti and Cuba.
  • Help distributes clean drinking water and provides medical assistance to the injured.
  • World Vision is providing aid including covers, blankets, water canisters, hygiene articles and flashlights in the disaster area.
  • The Maltese are delivering aid to the populations in severely affected areas in Colombia and on Haiti.
  • Handicap International is providing psychosocial support.
  • LandsAid is helping workers at a hospital in Port-au-Prince.
  • ZWST is distributing food, drinking water and aid supplies on Haiti.

Help now – with your donation!

Aktion Deutschland Hilft (Germanys relief coalition), an association of German aid organizations, is taking donations for the people affected by Hurrican Matthew at:

Your donation is tax deductible. Aktion Deutschland Hilft e.V. is a non-profit organization entered under the association registration number 20VR7945 at the district court of Bonn.