Companies donate & helpCompanies take social responsability: Donations instead of Gifts!

Take responsibility and show social commitment! Give your customers, business partners, employees and yourself a very special Christmas present: a donation for people in need! With your donation you can make a huge impact for many people's lives and with our marketing material you are able to share your social commitment!

With your company donation for Christmas

    • you give a meaningful and lasting gift
    • you take social responsibility
    • you show social commitment
    • you make a huge impact and improve the life of people in deep need

    You want to help people who have lost everything through severe catastrophes? With Aktion Deutschland Hilft your company has various options to do so.

    Your benefits:

    Share your social commitment! This way your Christmas mail or your website raises awareness for people in need worldwide.

    We would be pleased to help you – this is the campaign material we offer to you:

    • Inlays for your Christmas cards
    • Personalized donation certificates
    • Campaign logo
    • E-mail signatures
    • Banners for your website
    • Donation boxes for bazaars and fundraising events
    • Posts for your social media channels
    • Text modules and photos for your public relations

    There are many ways to get involved as a company:

    • Donate for people in need
    • Start a fundraising campaign with your employees or customers
    • Support a specific aid project
    • Prevent human suffering before it happens: with disaster prevention projects

    Order promotion material and donate now!

    Please do not hesitate to ask any question you may have about your corporate donation for Christmas. I would love to answer all of them! Simply contact me, Theresa Aengenheyster, by e-mail or call me at +49 228 242 92 425.

    Thank you very much for supporting our aid with your donation!

    NOTE: Find out more about the various ways you can get involved in this Christmas Campaign as a company or start your own fundraising campaign online!