Germany floodsGermany floods: Donate now!

Massive floods, collapsed houses, missing and dead people: Severe storms and heavy rainfalls have left widespread destruction in western Germany.

Aktion Deutschland Hilft, an alliance of German aid organizations, is on site and provides help to the people: We help with evacuations, organize emergency shelters and support traumatized people. The aid organizations are in constant action to help people now. You can also help affected families - now with your donation!

Shocking images from Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia

"The visible damage from the flood disaster is already immense and cannot be compared with anything I have ever seen in Germany," says Manuela Rossbach, Managing Director of Aktion Deutschland Hilft. "There are images and tragedies that I have only seen from flood disasters from abroad – and the full extent will only be visible in a few days".

Germany Floods: Our alliance helps on-site: thanks to your donation!

We need your help to:

  • support the evacuation of affected families
  • secure dangerous areas
  • organize accommodation for people who no longer have a home
  • help with the clean-up work and provide construction dryers
  • secure dangerous areas
  • support people with cash so that they can get their bare minimums
  • distribute food and hygiene kits to people in emergency shelters
  • take care of emergency services on-site
  • support children and adults with psycho-social care

Thank you for your donation!

Aktion Deutschland Hilft, Germany's Relief Coalition,
asks for your donation for the River Floods in Germany:

IBAN DE62 3702 0500 0000 1020 30
Donation Hotline: +49 900 55 10 20 30
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