Refugees SyriaSyria: Aktion Deutschland Hilft makes 150,000 euro available for emergency relief


The coalition of German relief organisations calls for donations for refugees

The member organisations of Aktion Deutschland Hilft are engaged in the support of the many people affected by the armed conflicts in Syria. Above all they currently support the refugees in the neighbouring countries of Jordan and Lebanon with water, foodstuffs as well as indispensable provisions for everyday life. Many of the coalition partners are standing by to give urgent humanitarian aid inside the Syrian borders to be able to provide rapid relief as soon as the safety situation permits.

For the current provisions of relief, Aktion Deutschland Hilft has made 150,000 euro available to the active member organisations from the emergency relief fund. For more extensive relief measures for what is now almost two million affected people in Syria and its neighbouring countries, Aktion Deutschland Hilft, the coalition of German relief organisations, makes an urgent request for donations!