Disaster Risk Reduction. A joint way forward.Disaster Risk Reduction. A joint way forward.

Earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes: natural disasters can change everything within seconds. The poorest are often hit the hardest. In places, where economic hardship and hunger have prevailed before, the situation often gets worse.

In order to alleviate peoples' suffering, German relief organisations joined forces in 2001 to form Germany's Relief Coalition.

Since then, we have been able to implement more than 2,000 aid projects and to give new hope to millions of people – jointly, quickly and in a coordinated manner. In addition, by implementing measures of disaster risk reduction, we prevent suffering before it happens. This help would not be possible without donors like you!


The main reasons for donating to Germany's Relief Coalition:


  • Over 20 Relief Organisations one alliance: Our coordinated emergency aid is fast and efficient.
  • Disaster Risk Reduction – joint way forward: Disaster risk reduction prevents suffering before it happens.
  • Together we can help faster: We use your donation where help is urgently needed.
  • Great donation, great effect: Your donation makes a difference and gives new hope to people in need.

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Effectively reacting to a crisis is good. Being well prepared is even better.

Disaster Risk Reduction has always been a crucial component of humanitarian aid. Never has it been more important to expand it. In our anniversary year, we want to draw attention to this important topic. With you at our side.

In times of climate change, hurricanes and droughts increase; barren fields and floods are the results; people have to flee their homes because of those disasters. Now is the time to implement measures of disaster risk reduction to prevent even greater hardships.

Together, the aid organisations of our alliance ensure that people in disaster areas can protect themselves better:   

Your donation makes all this possible! We sincerely thank you for your generous support.

Achieve something great with a great donation!

Our alliance extends measures of disaster risk reduction worldwide. Particularly in countries that are repeatedly affected by disasters. With your generous donation, you can make a great difference – and help save lives!



We cannot prevent disasters. However, by taking precautions, we can save many lives and ensure that families are better prepared.

Together, we can be faster than the disaster. Your support will make the difference!

The time to help is now: Get started with us!

After an earthquake, a tsunami, or a hurricane, every second counts. Let us not waste time: If we act together today, we can prevent great suffering tomorrow.

For example in ...

  • Zimbabwe: Smallholders learn farming methods that are adapted to the current climate. Furthermore, drought-resistant seeds protect against hunger and malnutrition.
  • Vietnam: Volunteers reforest the coastal mangrove forests together with local fishermen. The mangrove trees reduce the impact of storm waves and give people more time to find shelter.
  • Jordan: In the capital Amman growing food is difficult. Rooftop gardens become a suitable alternative – and greenery protects against heat and cold.
  • Mexico: A digital platform enables local relief organisations to coordinate humanitarian aid.  

  • Bangladesh: Hygiene kits and information about COVID-19 prevent the disease from spreading in the world's largest refugee camp.

Help protect families together with Germany's Relief Coalition

Prepare 12 children in Bangladesh
for natural disasters
Give clean water
to 120 children in Nepal
Pay for hygiene kits that protect
250 families from COVID-19

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You can also donate via bank transfer:

Recipient: Germany's Relief Coalition

IBAN: DE62 3702 0500 0000 1020 30


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Would you like to exclusively finance or support a project that is particularly dear to you? We offer you this possibility from a donation of 10,000 euro.

Ask for your personal folder with suggestions on how you can always be one donation ahead of the next disaster. Alternatively, contact us personally. We are here to help with any inquiries!

Germany's Relief Coalition: Our way, our aim.

Aid measures efficiently bundled

Germany's Relief Coalition is an association of German aid organisations that provide quick and effective help in the event of major humanitarian disasters and emergencies, both abroad and at home.



Germany's Relief Coalition provides impartial emergency aid. Our aim is to alleviate suffering, regardless of nationality, ethnicity, gender, religion, social affiliation, or political conviction.


Let's act together and reduce costs

Our alliance of more than 20 aid organisations brings together a broad spectrum of knowledge and experience. Coordinated aid ensures that people in need are provided with comprehensive and targeted care after major disasters.


Would you like to learn more about our alliance and humanitarian disaster risk reduction? We would be happy to provide you with further information in a personal meeting. We appreciate your commitment!