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Global Care Children’s Relief Foundation

Two thirds of the world’s population suffer from hunger; medical care is insufficient and mother- and child mortality high. In many parts of the world the basis of livelihood of the people is wiped out by epidemics, civil wars and natural disasters.

Modern development relief begins where rapid relief measures are unable to permanently change the fate of the people. The Global Care Children’s Relief Foundation provides “help for self-help” in 18 countries. Our projects are focused on making the people in care independent in the long-term.

  • Global Care builds together with partners on the spot schools and training centres so that children have the chance of a better life.
  • Global Care constructs wells for villages so that the children can go to school instead of being obliged to carry dirty water home over several kilometres.
  • Global Care builds medical centres to prevent parents from dying prematurely and leaving children without care.
  • Global Care initiates projects with agricultural methods typical for the country in question so that the people can live from the work of their own hands.

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