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Global Care Children's Relief Foundation

The children's charity Global-Care Foundation (KHW) has been active in 18 developing countries on 4 different continents since 1976 through an extensive aid programme. For charity's sake, people in need of help are cared for regardless of gender, race, religion or political affiliation. Help is provided through:


Neglecting children not only destroys their future, but the future of all of us. That is why KHW relies on child sponsorships as the most personal form of help.

Children need:

  • a loving role model
  • sufficient nutrition and
  • clean drinking water
  • medical care
  • schooling and vocational training
  • protection from abuse, violence and exploitation

Aid Projects for children

Modern development aid starts where quick relief measures cannot permanently change people's fate. All projects are "help for self-help", so that the people in need become independent in the long run. These include schools and training centres, day care centres and youth centres, water projects, health stations and rehabilitation, agricultural projects, etc.

Disaster Risk Reduction

Many people in Africa, Asia and Latin America suffer from the terrifying force of natural disasters. Where people are starving, freezing and helplessly exposed to diseases, help must be provided quickly and unbureaucratically. KHW distributes medicine, food, fresh water, building materials and sets up emergency shelters in disaster areas.

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