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CARE (Cooperative for Assistance and Relief to Everywhere) was founded on 27 November 1945 in the United States. It started an exemplary relief programme for the inhabitants of a devastated post-war Europe, for whom the CARE package became a symbol.

CARE Germany was entered in the official register of clubs and societies on 29 August 1980 and is the founder member of CARE International. Under this designation the independent CARE organisation bundles its powers for the more efficient use of mutual resources.

There are currently CARE organisations in the USA (1945), Canada (1946), Germany (1980), Norway (1980), France (1983), Great Britain (1985), Austria (1986), Australia (1987), Japan (1987), Denmark (1988), Netherlands (2001) and Thailand (2003). Twelve independent member organisations coordinate their work in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia in more than 70 countries through a central office in Brussels.

CARE Germany and its donors have achieved and changed a great deal in two decades. Private donations are the decisive basis of CARE’s work. Moreover, CARE Germany also receives public funds, above all from the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, from the Foreign Ministry and the European Commission.

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