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Donate for Syrian refugees: Your donation for refugees in Syria and the Middle East


Support Syrian refugees with your donation!

Seven million refugees in Syria and its neighboring countries are forced to rely on humanitarian aid. Two thirds of the refugees are women and children who are trying to escape armed force. Aktion Deutschland Hilft provides emergency relief. Concerted, quick and coordinate. Support people in need - with your donation.

Donate for the victims of typhoon Haiyan


Donate for the victims of typhoon Haiyan!

9.5 million people have been affected by the severe impact of typhoon Haiyan, the United Nations estimates. The death toll rises as the damage caused by the typhoon becomes visible. Support people in need - with your donation.

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Aktion Deutschland Hilft is a coalition of renowned German aid organizations. When severe disaster strikes people around the world we are there to provide emergency relief. Concerted. Quick. Coordinate.

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Second Relief Flight from Frankfurt for Disaster Victims in the Philippines

Lufthansa Cargo and Germany’s Relief Coalition, “Aktion Deutschland Hilft”, are sending a second relief flight to the Philippines today to support...

hilfsflug philippinen aktion deutschland hilft

Typhoon Haiyan: Aid reaches people in disaster zones

Moritz Wohlrab of Aktion Deutschland Hilft (Germany’s Relief Coalition) reports from Northern Cebu on the Philippines: „Up to 90 per cent of houses in this area...

Taifun Haiyan hat auf den Philippinen eine Schneise der Verwüstung hinterlassen

Deutsche Telekom helps

When natural disaster strikes, Aktion Deutschland Hilft and its member organizations are there to provide quick and efficient emergency relief. For the past ten years, the Deutsche Telekom has been…

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