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Aktion Deutschland Hilft is a coalition of renowned German aid organizations. When severe disaster strikes people around the world we are there to provide emergency relief. Concerted. Quick. Coordinate.

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Donate for Syrian refugees: Your donation for refugees in Syria and the Middle East


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Seven million refugees in Syria and its neighboring countries are forced to rely on humanitarian aid. Two thirds of the refugees are women and children who are trying to escape armed force. Aktion Deutschland Hilft provides emergency relief. Concerted, quick and coordinate. Support people in need - with your donation.

Balkan Flood: German NGOs join emergency aid

Almost one year after the devastating flood in Germany, heavy rainfalls have led to the worst flood in 120 years in large areas in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia...

Hochwasser Balkan: Deutsche Hilfsorganisationen leisten Nothilfe

Philippines: 6 months after the typhoon Haiyan, more than one million people have been helped

Out of the funds raised by the Emergency Appeals Alliance (EAA) for the Haiyan victims, 90 million Euros have been used in various aid projects in the Philippines...

6 Monate nach dem Taifun Haiyan auf den Philippinen

Deutsche Telekom helps

When natural disaster strikes, Aktion Deutschland Hilft and its member organizations are there to provide quick and efficient emergency relief. For the past ten years, the Deutsche Telekom has been…

Telekom hilft helfen