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Donate for the victims in Nepal


Donate for the victims in Nepal

A devastating earthquake left a massive scale of destruction in Nepal. Hundreds of thousands of people are left with nothing from one day to the next. Aktion Deutschland Hilft - Germany‘s Relief Coalition renders emergency assistance to the people - with foodstuff, drinking water and medical assistance. Please help now with your donation.

Aktion Deutschland Hilft - Germany's Relief Coalition. Donate now!


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Aktion Deutschland Hilft is a coalition of renowned German aid organizations. When severe disaster strikes people around the world we are there to provide emergency relief. Concerted. Quick. Coordinate.

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Despite conditions set out by the Nepali government, “Aktion Deutschland Hilft” donations can be used directly

The member organisations of “Aktion Deutschland Hilft” have no restrictions on donations made to Nepal...

Nepal: Spendengelder von „Aktion Deutschland Hilft“ können direkt eingesetzt werden

„People are still looking for their relatives in the remains of their houses”

Nine of the member organizations of Germany’s Relief Coalition have sent German relief workers to the crisis area. All the teams have arrived in the capital Kathmandu...

Erdbeben Nepal: Die Hilfe unserer Bündnissmitglieder

Deutsche Telekom helps

When natural disaster strikes, Aktion Deutschland Hilft and its member organizations are there to provide quick and efficient emergency relief. For the past ten years, the Deutsche Telekom has been…

Seit über 10 Jahren unterstützt die Deutsche Telekom die Einsätze von Aktion Deutschland Hilft in Katastrophengebieten. Von 2004 bis 2014 spendeten der Konzern und seine Mitarbeiter über 3.8 Millionen Euro für die Projekte von Aktion Deutschland Hilft